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Admission Policy

The Euphony admissions process is designed to ensure students are placed in the appropriate grade level to meet their learning needs. This enables students to reach their full potential, preparing them to be responsible global citizens and leaders, as is reflected in our mission statement. 
To ensure a thorough and fair process and to aid in developing an understanding of the application procedure, stringent policy, guidelines, criteria and practices are in place to support the application and admissions process.
The Euphony Center seeks to admit applicants and parents who support our mission statement and procedures.


Admission process

The Euphony Center practices a selective admissions process in which students are assessed prior to entry into the courses. Admission decisions are based on a careful assessment of each applicant’s age appropriate knowledge, skills and understandings as well as their social and emotional development. Successful applicants must demonstrate that they are capable of meeting the Euphony Center’s standards as self-directed and responsible individuals who are caring, open-minded, balanced, and principled.
Euphony center has different Education programmes with different duration and class hours.
Admission procedures and requirements:

  • Submit a completed and signed Registration form which is available online. Scroll down

(Parent(s)/Legal Guardian understand data collected will be used for processing the admission application only)

  • The following documents must be submitted before an application will be considered:

Copy of the applicant's school reports for the current and previous academic year if transferred from other insititutions (students at ages 4 may not have any reports to submit but can still proceed with the applications.)

  • Students Birth Certificate, photos, passport and visa copies for student and parents.
  • Registration fee cash/card -should be made payable to Euphony Future Education Center LLC
  • For details of Registration fee, please refer to our fee structure schedule. Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • A Student Reference Form may be required.
  • Books and stationary are provided.

During registration of young students,

  • If the parent has confirmed to put their children in the institute under such circumstances the parent should compulsory bring his/her child to the institution.
  • They should submit a copy of the Emirates ID card.
  • Over and above the student’s medical report should be supported with the Emirates ID document

Registration form download