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International standers maintained in all classrooms.


Clean classrooms, dinning Area and pantry.

Smart Class Rooms

Montessori is pioneer in incorporating latest digital learning tools and methodology for our children.

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We are dedicated in providing affordable Montessori Education courses, KinderRainbow and Educare to today’s young using technique inspired by Maria Montessori in which children are taught hands on rather than by watching. Montessori emphasizes learning through all five senses. Learning is an exciting process of discovery leading concentration, motivation, self- discipline and a love of learning.

The classroom is divided into theme areas where related materials and bibliography are exposed on the shelves, allowing great freedom of movement. Children can work in groups or individually


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Kinder Rainbow Toddlers

Montessori classrooms for children under four fall into several categories, with a number of terms being used. A toddler, serves a small number of children from around eighteen months to around twenty eight months, or when the child is confidently walking and speaking.

Age 2-5 years
Class Size 20
KinderRainbow 3+ , 4+ & 5+

Oral communicative English language class, English Writing, Presentation activities, Reading activities and Critical thinking. Also number Activites and general knowledge including Science and critical reasoning activities are incorporated. The need for language training

Age 2-5 years
Class Size 20
Birth to 3 years old

The foundations for the child's future development are set during his/her first three years of life. Montessori calls this period the one of a "spiritual embryo", in which the child does in the psychological sphere what the embryo did in the physical sphere.

Age 2-5 years
Class Size 20

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Euphony aims to develop and create excellent innovators, leaders and performers of an ever expanding area of education. We identify, enlighten and provide an exquisite pathway for students to explore their born talents in studies, communications and career development. To serve our children, youth, families, staff, and communities in a manner that positively impacts their lives. We believe in so doing, our programs will set the standard for early childhood education and career orientation for youngsters.

Our Vision

Inspiration of curiosities and taking them through a world of language and values gaining, holding their hands in a firm yet soft grip to build a strong, positive and independent base for their future.

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