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KinderRainbow toddlers

Montessori classrooms for children under four fall into several categories, with a number of terms being used. A toddler, serves a small number of children from around eighteen months to around  twenty eight months, or when the child is confidently walking and speaking. A Kinderrainbow 3+ serves a larger number of children from around twenty eight months to three years and eight months. Both environments emphasize materials and activities scaled to the children's size and abilities, opportunities to develop movement, and activities to develop independence. Development of independence in toileting is typically emphasized as well. We offer "Parent-orientation" sessions, in which parents are educated how to train their children in more friendly and active way at home.
A teacher's role within a Montessori classroom is to guide and consult students individually by letting each child create their own learning pathway. Classroom materials usually include activities for engaging in practical skills such as pouring and spooning, trashing waste, beading etc. Also materials for the development of the senses, mathematical materials, language materials, music, art and cultural materials, including more science based activities. All the activities are prepared to:

  • develop confidence in their emerging abilities
  • develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills
  • offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks
  • Group activities are entrusted to promote socialization, respect and solidarity among them naturally.

KinderRainbow 3+ , 4+ & 5+

The Kinder Rainbow program includes educating in the following:
Oral communicative English language class, English Writing, Presentation activities, Reading activities and Critical thinking. Also number Activites and general knowledge including Science and critical reasoning activities are incorporated.
The need for language training is required for all age group especially for children from the age of 3 to 5 years. If proper training is provided at an early age it helps the child to acquire proper knowledge and education. An additional training given on extracurricular activities like presentation and critical reasoning will boost the child’s ability to enhance mental and physical stability, also to make them confident in performing in all various fields.
Euphony aims to develop and create excellent innovators, leaders and performers of an ever expanding area of education. We identify, enlighten and provide an exquisite pathway for students to explore their born talents in studies, communications and career development. The Activities are prepared to

  • offer opportunities for collaborative intellectual exploration in which the child’s interests are supported and guided
  • support the development of self-confidence, imagination, intellectual independence and self-efficacy
  • nurture an understanding of the child’s role in their community, and face the future world
  • promote social development through respectful, clear communication and safe, natural consequences
  • contain a large variety of materials for the refinement of sensory perception and the development of literacy and mathematical understanding
  • offer opportunities for imaginative exploration leading to confident, creative self-expression